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What is Low Fantasy?

The world of fantasy has no limits, it attracts the intelligent reader and meanders in and out of theoretical physics, astrophysics, philosophy, and alchemy. This creates a swirling cauldron of concepts, pushing the boundaries of science and even creating new science.  Ideas change and evolve which means the field of speculative fiction is constantly too.

As a fantasy devotee, I try to keep my finger on the throbbing pulse of this ever-growing, morphing monster. So, when something strange happens I love it!

I really entered creating a new magical world and I thought it was definitely high fantasy.

However, Kindle has told me no, it's actually most popular in the low fantasy circles.

I had never heard of low fantasy and I must confess I was worried, low fantasy does not sound as good as high fantasy! So, I had to examine this category.

Apparently, low fantasy is-

‘Intrusion fantasy places relatively less emphasis on typical elements associated with fantasy, setting a narrative in realistic environments with elements of the fantastical. Sometimes there are just enough fantastical elements to make ambiguous the boundary between what is real and what is purely psychological or supernatural. The word "low" refers to the level of prominence of traditional fantasy elements within the work, and is not any sort of remark on the work's quality.

An alternative definition, common in, though not limited to role-playing games, rests on the story and characters being more realistic and less mythic in scope. This can mean that some works, for example, Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian series, can be high fantasy according to the first definition but low fantasy according to the second, while with other works, such as the TV series Supernatural, the opposite is true.’ Wikipedia 2018

I thought about these definitions and my book actually is both the characters are realistic, but the world is imaginary and monstrous. So as my novel is both is it really - middle fantasy?